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4 Vanity Tips for Zoom Calls

I feel pretty

Oh, so pretty

I feel pretty and witty and bright!...

Do you? Do you feel pretty as you sit in front of your computer attending a million zoom calls? Invariably everyone is fixing the light, checking the angle on the camera once more or smoothing out your hair! There have been so many interesting tips, articles, how-tos, bloopers from our current heavy use of zoom. I want to share with you 4 tips that I discovered online or learned from friends. Ready to have some fun?

1. Backgrounds: Do you work in the corner of your kitchen and have your kid's soccer ball or some random stuff in the background and want to quickly get a fun backdrop? It is super simple with the virtual background feature on zoom.

There are a few images within the zoom virtual background library that you can instantly use for a background or you can simply Google search and find several. Here are a few fun sites that I found where you can convert your background to rooms of any color, or a backyard with a pool, or even pretend you have a pet! A perfect addition to families where kids are begging for a pet! Viola here is our virtual pet!

Three awesome sites to get in on the game to glow up your background are

Behr Paint

West Elm

The Infatuation (the "donut halo" is one of my favorites)

2. Touch Up My Appearance: Virtual beautification is the thing of the past few years and Zoom is not shying away from providing you with filters for it. Moreover, it is essential for when you woke up just one minute before your important meeting starts. You are confident about how you will look in the meeting. Zoom's Touch Up My Appearance feature takes care of that. Under the Video Settings, you will see the option where you can enable and disable it as per your choice.

3. Lighting: Can you decrease the “boringness” of your meeting by increasing the lighting? Lighting is such a key vanity aspect for any video or photo and there are thousands of tips and tricks out there. My favorite tip though is from my stylist friend Shelley. So simple and instant!

4. Vanity URL: Tired of sending out boring zoom links as invites. ZmURL is a free tool that lets you customize your Zoom video call invite URL with a title, explanation and image that will show up when you share the link on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. Watch one more dear friend of mine, Jen Lehner, walk you through how to customize your zoom links to vanity links.

Got any other fun zoom vanity tips?

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