• Rathna Ramakrishnan

Does your business "Really" Exist

Do you feel like you need a crystal ball to help you find that next customer or to help scale your business? You really don't have to. This is where you can use data to know and understand where your customers are and find them so you can serve them.

Every business owner bitten by the entrepreneurial bug starts with a logo design and a website. After hours spent on designing and publishing a website most business owners jump to setting up their social media accounts. Being social on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is absolutely important. Now that you have a shiny new website and have set up the social media sites you want to post on, be sure to not skip these three items that will increase the odds of driving new business

So much to do, so little time. Focus on these three items to kick start your digital presence!

1. Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free genius tool that is available to any business owner. Every website must have the google analytics code embedded in your website. Its simple and free to create an analytics account and either the web designer that helped you create your site or we can help you embed this code into your site. All that Google Analytics does is remind you that behind every search is a person and simply makes available information for you about these people who are your Audience. Google Analytics also gives you data on how you Acquire this audience - Organic Search, Which Social Media Portal they came from and how they Behave on your website - which page do they linger on, how long do they stay on a page and eventually how this audience Converts into revenue for you.

2. Online Review Management: Just like the way you gave it some thought and decided on the social media portals you want to be on, make a plan for where you would like your customers to review you as you begin to offer your stellar services/products. Claim your Yelp Business Page, or Understand how to grab the link for soliciting reviews on Facebook. The way the human brain is wired, customers stop to only talk about negative experiences. So you have to be pro active in having your social media icons where you want reviews either prominently accessible on your website or embedded into your newsletters. Out of sight is out of mind sadly for customers who have fantastic experiences. So giving your customers a chance to quickly review you is likely to result in a happy customer leave behind a 5 star review! You need to have your customers vouch for you, its just an important metric to drive new business - so do make a plan and have a strategy for online reviews.

3. SEO: Small business owners tend to shy away from SEO with the most common excuse of, "I don't get it, I am not a tech person". We can help you with a Keyword Analysis & SEO Plan or if you don't want to be bothered by spending on SEO then simply write down three words/phrases that describe your business and start using these in all your content you create - social media posts, blog posts. Use these keywords in sentences, in questions or as hash tags. Like anything else SEO which drives your website being found on the world wide web, takes time and persistence. Make a plan and stick to it. Ask us how.

Growing a small business is work, but you can be intelligent in your approach and use data and analytics to help you steadily scale your business. Schedule an appointment today to chat with us to see how we can help you get on the trajectory to fantastic sustainable growth.


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